Who am I?

My favourite part of our date is observing your gaze as I near our dinner table. You notice my pornstar meets studious look, how my outfit hugs my frame just right, my confident demeanor. I'm quite comfortable in social situations and easily make friends. I have well developed social skills, robust social relationships and my ability to connect with people on an intimate level is unrivaled.

After years of working in Restaurant Management, I found myself looking for fulfillment, nay something unique and out of the ordinary. 

Apart from being a companion, I am an entrepreneur at heart with many business ventures in store. I am forever complimented for being well read, articulate, and cultured. Though I am typically enamored in Toronto life my travels have seen me soaking in sun and culture with many more panoramic views to come. Just as much as I love escaping the city, there is a comfort in the familiarity and routine of home. My bathtub, hot tub, and sauna may be where I spend copious amounts of time while at home, soaking in epsom salts and essential oils - evident in my baby smooth skin. Those who know me wouldn't be surprised to find me with candles lit, reading, doing admin and watching movies all from the comfort of my tub. When not in the bedroom I'm with friends and family, curled up on the couch with my two cats, and in the gym. I cherish wine dates and frequent spa days at my favourite place, Hammam. Do not let me intimidate you! I am in no way truly high maintenance. I am a born and raised Northern Ontario girl who loves nothing more then quality time spent enjoying life's simplest pleasures sometimes. I spent my childhood hunting, fishing, camping, and playing in the mud. I enjoy a wide range of music and can often times be found moshing to some hardcore metal band at a crowded venue in Toronto (Yes I have totally been known to stage dive). 

I'm a fun-loving person who enjoys sex and the company of great people above all else. Meeting you, learning about your life and desires. I'm curious about who you are, where you've been, the breathtaking experiences that you've lived, your fantasies. There is so much we can learn from each other - I can't wait to meet

Let's get away

Perhaps you have somewhere in mind that requires some company. Why not date Hailey. Designed for us to adventure together while we explore new places, cultures, cuisines - Maybe a relaxing time at a spa, laying on a beach. The opportunities only growing with the amount of time we spend together. Regardless of your preference, I delight in being added to your plans. Endless sunshine, drinks, fun and debauchery await us. Some of my favourite hideouts include Mexico, Cuba, Vegas, Montreal. Let's escape the ordinary, shall we?

Wine tasting/Tasting menu's

Allow me the pleasure of accompanying you on an evening of pure bliss. What better foreplay to an intimate time then delicious food and wine in great company. I have been itching to immerse myself even more into the world of culinary delights. I love and appreciate a good glass of wine, I would relish in learning a thing or two with you by my side. 

Spa dates


A personal favourite way to unwind and prepare for an evening with you. 

Outdoor adventures

As a born and raised Northern Ontario girl I have a healthy appreciation for time spent outdoors enjoying mother nature. Join me in a day of adventure and then curl up and keep me warm, amongst other things. You name it, and i'm game. 

Sports fan?

Need a date to cheer on your favourite team with? Dare I say I look pretty cute in a Jersey (I am willing to wear whatever you like). I love sports (especially Hockey) and delight in joining you in an evening of cheap food and drinks at the game. Let's make it a fun night.

I am always open to hearing your date suggestions. I love and cherish new experiences.

"I met Hailey yesterday for an outcall and from the moment I welcomed her in I could easily recognize her as a person with a kind and beautiful soul who is an extremely engaging conversationalist. She was open and warm and talking to her was like catching up with a friend after a long time. She made it that much easier. I am an introvert at heart so it takes some work to make me talk and open up, but she seemed apt for the job." - Terb.cc member


I am currently available and accepting in person rendezvous

A few of my favourite things

Oysters. French cuisine. Escargot. Starbucks. Coffee. Rose gold. Boats 

Architecture. Travelling. Aritzia. Fitness. Fresh flowers (tulips, roses, lilies ou la la. Silk. Tom Ford. Beachy vacations. Overnights spent in each others arms, relentlessly fucking. Luxury cars (take me for a ride). Photography/modeling (want to shoot me? (email directly). Candles. Pearls.     

Twitter: @hailforhailey | Onlyfans: onlyfans.com/haileyraee | Premium Twitter: @fcukhailey