Born and raised small town girl, now based in Toronto, Canada. 

Almost six years ago I left my 9 to 5 and made the bold decision to enter the world of companionship, almost instantly I knew this was where I truly belonged. Beginning a journey in this industry comes with many challenges, but I am a hard worker and equally fierce lover. I invest heavily both in myself and those I meet. I am considered by many to have a genuinely adventurous spirit and an extremely open-minded heart. I am your girl-friend next door by day, a soon to be undergraduate full-time student, and animalistic lover by night. Exploring new cities and cultures, discovering a new restaurant and traveling to new destinations are just a few of my favourite things. You can find me in a park, at your local Starbucks sipping coffee and studying, or trying a new dish at one of my favourite restaurants. 

Sure, I enjoy champagne, spa days, fresh flowers, and many refined luxuries. But above all else, I enjoy simple things as a good movie with popcorn, cuddles with my puppy and two cats, & a glass of wine with an old friend. Fitness and self growth are just a couple of my biggest passions. Being a gym bunny is fundamental to my core and has given me the confidence and work ethic that I apply to all aspects of my life.  You will find me reading books, meeting new people, joining different classes and trying new and exciting things. I recently went through a period of intense self reflection. It has been truly rewarding and refreshing to discover myself and what brings me joy, happiness, health and wealth. 

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I value mutual respect and a genuine connection. My ultimate goal is to make our date one of your most memorable and incredible experiences. I believe that everyone needs to have an emotional connection in order to build up a level of chemistry. If this is what you seek, I would love to get to know you over brunch, dinner, a glass of wine or something a little more elaborate. Relationship building is fantastic and can be very rewarding, but I do not structure my companionship exclusively around these elements. Whether you're looking for a girlfriend or a pornstar experience, I invite you to join me for a memorable time dedicated to the pursuit of fun, friendship, passion and debauchery. If you're looking for something purely carnal, I would love to help you check off some fun boxes provided you're a gentleman. I've never had an issue receiving a long list of requests "like a menu" from a prospective lover. I tend to actually find this rather reassuring and healthier for both parties so long as you also realize and respect that I am a real person and treat me accordingly in mannerisms and with my little body. I adapt quickly to any personality, from dominant types in my pse dates to shy and introverted first timers.

My journey as Hailey has resulted in over 150+ reviews and some of the best companionship that this industry has to offer. I am one of the most heavily reviewed companions in Toronto on multiple platforms. This is big part of who I am, and I wouldn't change a thing, it has provided me the freedom and opportunity to live my best life. 

Above all else, I am just an adaptable girl with a good head on my shoulders. I'm captivating, clever and carnal. See you soon?

Keep scrolling for my stats and then check out my date ideas here to get a better idea of what I’d love to plan with you.

My Stats

Age Mid 20's

Location Toronto Based

Background French Canadian

Weight 105lbs

Height 5'5

Measurements 32DD(enhanced)-24-34

Hair Brunette

Eyes Hazel

Tattoos Yes (a few small)

Languages English

Piercings No

Smoker: cigarettes No 420/marijuana Yes

Duos No 

Couples No 

I am available to individuals of all race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and abilities. I do not discriminate based on anything besides hygiene and mannerisms. 


Gift Cards

  • Amazon, Uber, Lululemon, Hammam Spa, Sephora, Black Lotus Photography, Honey Birdette.


  • My Starbucks order below. Cold and hot options depending on weather. 

  • Cold: Iced White Chocolate Mocha

  • Hot: White Chocolate Mocha, extra shot of espresso.

  • Red wine preffered (something on the sweeter side)

  • White wine (pinot grigio)

  • Champagne (Veuve)


  • French food is my absolute favourite, but I enjoy trying new cuisine. I also love Brunch. 

  • I adore oysters, mussels, & escargot.

  • I love lamb, duck, steak. 

  • Sweets: I love milk or white chocolate only (no dark), macarons, cheesecake. 


  • Periwinkle blue


  • Lillies

  • Tulips

  • Orchids

  • House plants

  • Arrangement of your choice