Hail for Hailey


Hello lovers! Bonjour l'amoureux! First off, let me say thank you for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the web, I'm flattered. You can call me Hailey. I come highly regarded and I am here to feed society's salacious appetite. I am an elite companion based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. A born and raised French Canadian doll, originally from a small francophone community in Northern Ontario - I have moved extensively over the years, relatively nomadic you can say. Though I am now typically enamored in Toronto life, the traveler in me is quite content to visit you (Worldwide) if you're unable to come my way. 

I am fluent in English, French, and sexual persuasion. Albeit, my French is slightly out of practice and I am currently studying relentlessly in efforts to eventually move to France for a period of a few years - a lifelong dream among many. 

At first glance you'll likely send your regretful acknowledgement of my sadistic personal trainer's motives, he keeps me on my toes in more ways than one. I'm a known health and fitness enthusiast among anyone who truly knows me and I've trained continuously for 2 years now, five to six times a week. My body was made to sin. It's a rare combination of innocence, and pure unadulterated filth. Standing at 5'7 with a lip bite worthy amount of toned leg, a plump bubble butt, 32DD enhanced cleavage, statuesque abs, blonde curls and luscious big pouty lips; you will feel like a king whose found his long lost queen. I have curves in all the right places and am constantly catching the attention of those around me no matter where I go. My style is forever tasteful given the environment we find ourselves emerged and you'll likely catch me in modern, classic cuts from Aritzia; think blouses, pant suits, trench coats, raw silk, beautiful day dresses and cute skirts with no panties whatsoever allowed (wink, wink). I have refined taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life, albeit being a Northern Ontario small town girl has afforded me a lifetime of experience and the ability to adapt to any given surrounding. You can dress me up or down, keep me in or take me out. Deep down I'm a cutie whom you can relax with and be your truest self. I'll share my childhood nicknames if you do.  


It is increasingly important for me to feed my mind and body to it's absolute fullest, I crave knowledge and the need to constantly educate myself. I'm a connoisseur of adaptability, a chameleon in search of new adventures and endeavors. I'm forever complimented on being meticulously well read, articulate, and cultured. This coming from establishing independence for myself at a very young age. I'm extremely passionate about all aspects of life and delight in engaging with new people and sharing all facets of these interests.     

I take delight in fashion, cuisine (french is absolutely adored), art, culture, architecture, fitness, among many other things. While the foodie in me tends towards restaurant destinations accompanied with yours truly as your head turning arm candy and private dessert afterwards, the wanderer within has me forever looking for a fun way for us to spend some time both inside and out of the bedroom. My lovers regularly agree that time spent between the sheets is so much more rewarding once we have had a small chance to break the ice. I have a healthy Starbucks addiction and would delight in meeting up for a quick coffee and a walk perhaps, or a delicious dining experience, either restaurant or casual pub style (food can be the most exceptional form of foreplay), a decadent overnight/sleepover spent in each other's embrace. Either way, I invite you to join me in all manners of delight even if it's a quickie on your lunch while you're at the office type of day. Whether it be a sensual girlfriend experience (GFE) or a high energy porn star experience (PSE), all time spent together is dedicated towards fun, friendship, sensuality, passion and debauchery.  


I have cultivated a seamlessly professional yet playful presence over the past five years that has been built on providing some of the best companionship in the city. No matter where we find ourselves, our time together is a type of euphoria for me - a break from the chaos of personal projects and cerebral passions. Just like you I seek pleasure. I am constantly praised on multiple reputable online review boards (Terb, Caerf, Ter, P411) and a collection of some of these reviews can be found here for your reading leisure and satisfaction in knowing that I truly do connect with almost every single person I have come to share special moments alongside.

My website is full. All information posted is for your benefit, to help you and to ensure you that I will rock your world - just how you like it. 

I hope to see you soon 

With love,


Based in Toronto, Ontario. Available worldwide by request