Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I’d like to introduce you to authentic pleasure. I say authentic, because you’ll note when we meet that I genuinely enjoy connecting with others. I have always thrived on human interactions and on making people feel at ease in my presence. I carry myself in a fashion that leaves no doubts as to where I want to go and how I plan on getting there. I am a hard-worker and a fierce partner. You will find me very nurturing and loving. I care deeply and I invest myself fully in the people I meet. Those who spend time with me say that they feel like they have known me forever, and instantly find a friend in me. What is better than a deep connection that blooms into something meaningful and life-altering?

I always knew that this path was for me. The 9 to 5 had never appealed to me, as I prefer my life ever-changing and full of surprises. I feel most like myself in the realm of the senses. Covert rendezvous in beautiful suites, deep bathtubs in candlelight, the sensations of silk and leather, smutty polaroids in the bottom of my duffel bag, the first time our hands touch in the hotel bar, the liminal spaces where we go from being strangers to... something else.

People like to tell you that you can’t have it all, but I called their bluff: Mine is a life of slow dancing and drop-top speed; romance and perversion; pillow talk and walks on the wild side. I like my bacchanalian parties with a side order of blissful zen solitude. 


Compliments I’ve received over the years paint a portrait of a woman who is gracefully charismatic, timelessly beautiful, and razor sharp. An eclectic free spirit who is elegant and refined, but also inviting, approachable, and passionate. Preferring substance over flash, I am attractive yet understated, friendly yet intelligent, and well educated – you could say I’m the hot librarian of your fantasies. My body is reminiscent of 90’s models: a statuesque tall frame, bearing natural, supple curves that almost invite an artist’s sketch. I dress in an unequivocally classic style, and think that no combination is better than silk and leather. However, I find myself best dressed in my favourite perfume and little else.

My personal trainer, yoga, spin classes, and years of hiking, as well as exploring new places — often on foot keep me tight and the occasional gelato keeps me sane. Being healthy and fit is a cornerstone of who I am, and has given me a confidence and work ethic that I apply to every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, catered to nourishing my mind and body. Whether it's submerging myself in a good book, a trip to my favourite jazz lounge, or a day at the spa; I practice serenity in all facets that pours over into our relaxing time together.

I split my time between spilling over textbooks, packing suitcases,  discovering restaurants, spending time in nature, and making as many new memories with well-selected company, in as many new places as can be. I have three fur babies who are the absolute loves of my life and I usually listen to music a few decades old. Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, and Sam Cooke are amongst some of my favorites. I’m unabashedly curious and passionate, and am told that this trait is wonderfully infectious. However, as much as I indulge in my worldly pursuits, they will never overshadow my essence of pure Canadiana — a big smile and an easy laugh!

And now, you.

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There is nothing more luxurious, than the luxury of time. For an escape from the mundane, or perhaps just the company of someone who understands the importance of listening. I’m looking for that spark too! I am an exceptionally well reviewed and highly regarded companion. I've stayed involved in the industry because I'm a sensual and naughty hedonist at heart with a predilection for debauchery, always chasing the next eroticism-fueled high. I genuinely love what I do and am privileged to make meaningful connections. Ultimately, my goal is to connect with you in a way that leaves a lasting impression on us both. I always want you to feel like every encounter we spend with one another is like a breath of fresh air. 

You may be a veteran of these waters, or perhaps just dipping your toe in, either way it would be my absolute delight to take your hand and introduce you to my world. Whether we’re rolling around between the sheets, searching out a new dimly lit bar for cocktails and sneaking kisses, sipping bubbles in a bubble bath for a few hours, flirting over dinner, or embarking on a weekend of exploration; I would love to add a bit of Hailey to your busy and bustling life. I seek to lure you away from your endless list of ‘to-dos’ for as long as you need. Consider me your captivating confidante, a much-needed vacation, or an art piece that you most definitely can touch. I’m here for you, and here to discover the us.


Being a part of my life is an adventure I hope you will look back on fondly, whether it is for a brief encounter or whatever we choose it to be.​ Life has little in the way of maps, so I let my desires lead the way...


Why don’t you come with me?

The world is our oyster


Age 32

Height 5’5 (165 cm)

Weight 105 lbs

Dress Size 0 or x-small

Measurements 34DD (enhanced) - 24 - 34

Eyes Hazel

Hair Long, Silky & Black

Tattoos Yes. A few tasteful & well done pieces

Piercings Ears

Grooming Strip

Vaccinated Covid x3, Monkey Pox x1

Languages English & Re-learning French

Location Toronto & Fly Me To You