You've caught a glimpse of her strolling out and about after a morning latte run, perhaps to meet a friend for brunch. What caught your attention? Should you get close enough you'll notice her perfume is warm and inviting. Her eyes are hazel, like that of new spring growth. They sparkle their brightest when she smiles. You'll notice she has a down to earth, cool demeanor. She appreciates meeting and getting to know new people. Her body moves, toned curves remind you of an otherworldly goddess. She takes care of herself - will she take care of you? 


A delightfully fit and astute sidekick whose fruit is far from forbidden. I come highly regarded and I am here to feed society's salacious appetite. Though I am typically enamored in Toronto life, the traveler in me is quite content to visit you (Worldwide) if you're unable to come my way. While the foodie in me tends towards restaurant destinations accompanied with yours truly as your private dessert afterwards, I invite you to join me in all manner of delights. Whether it be a sensual girlfriend experience (GFE) or a high energy porn star experience (PSE); all time spent together is dedicated towards fun, friendship, sensuality, passion and debauchery. At my core I am an adaptable lover, a downright cutie whom you can relax and enjoy some time with.


At first glance you'll likely send your regretful acknowledgement of my sadistic personal trainer's motives, based on my immaculate body. Dare I say, I've been busy. I'm a rare combination of innocence and pure, unadulterated filth - I bet it's my eyeglasses. My background is a mix of French and Irish genes and my style is forever tasteful given the environment we find ourselves emerged. I'm a Northern Ontario girl born and raised explains my love of water and mother nature. I equally adore and appreciate any and all outdoor adventures.     

I have cultivated a seamlessly professional yet playful presence that has been built on providing some of the best companionship in the city. No matter where we find ourselves, our time together is a type of euphoria for me - a break from the chaos of personal projects and cerebral passions. Just like you I seek pleasure. 

See you soon, 

With love,


"I am fond of a good ol' Girlfriend Experience, and the way the session developed felt very natural. Lots of smiling and laughing were had! It was almost like we just got home from a date night." - member

Let's mingle

Hailey Rae is a GFE/PSE based escort. She tours on occasion