Let me tell you a little bit about myself


I joined the world of companionship after leaving my 9-5 in Restaurant Management. I thought I would eventually return to the business world I had become accustomed to, but as the years unfold I continue to discover just how much I truly love what I do now. 

In my prior life, although at the time I was simply a General Manager I loved connecting with my customers in a real and honest way. I made a point to remember their birthdays, spouses’ names, pet names, anniversaries, and other milestones. I genuinely enjoyed and found this element of business extremely rewarding and I quickly developed an innate capacity for connection.

I’m very much a loving and tactile girlfriend. I enjoy truly connecting with you in a way that’s natural and organic. I want to surpass any superficiality you may have encountered in this industry and forge a friendship, a level of comfort, and establish a mutual relationship that surpasses the confines of a bedroom.

I love to start or end my dates over dinner and drinks. My suitors agree that time spent behind closed doors is significantly more enjoyable once we’ve had a chance to break the ice, connect as people and let our guards down. I hope that as we continue to meet our friendship grows and evolves. If you are really adventurous, spa dates, museum visits, picnics, bike rides, boating, hikes, and fun activities  be included in our planned debauchery. 

Albeit, never fear. Whether you are the type of person who prefers a short one hour date or spending quality time getting to know one another more personally over a dinner date or an overnight. I am an extremely adaptable companion and ultimately I love you to be comfortable, happy, and satisfied - no matter how long you are coming to see me. I value your time and any small fraction of it that you choose to spend with me.

If you’re wondering how our time together might look, well — that’s up to us!