Date Ideas


Below are some pre-curated dates that I have come to be quite fond of. I would be delighted to offer you a true girlfriend experience and curate a whole day or night of fun for us! Firstly we can begin with brunch, lunch or dinner and continue with some of these events and activities. Alternatively we can start off with something lighter such as a coffee date, puppy play date, or walk.  If you have something in mind I am open to suggestions. 

  • Coffee dates

  • Walks

  • Picnics

  • Puppy play dates (I have an 8 month old Chow Chow)

  • Brunch/lunch/dinner

  • Raptors, Blue Jays, or Maple Leafs game

  • Couples massage/spa 

  • Medieval Times Toronto

  • Wine Tasting

  • Any upcoming concert or comedy show

  • Museum/Gallery

  • Movie Theatre

  • Ballet/Opera

  • Fine Dining (I am an absolute sucker for oysters, escargot, frog legs, muscles, lamb/duck/steak. I love to try new food)

  • Boating/Kayaking/Canoeing (I love water)

  • Biking

  • Beach dates