I recommend extended rendezvous' because, well let's face it, we need time to be properly acquainted, both mentally and physically. We're both fascinating, so let's indulge fully and leisurely in our shared interests, activities, all matters of business and pleasure. I want to know what lures you out of your bed in the morning, your deepest desires, your best kept secret. Albeit, if you're crunched for time, join me in a quickie and let's feel alive for a moment, or two. 

Below are rates for all gfe time together. 

Please note List of services offered can be found on my FAQ.

Dinner dates, pse dates, and sleepovers are the ladies favourite.









































1 hr


Join me in a quickie, a brief respite from chaos.

350 CAD


2 hrs

Let's squeeze a bottle of wine/champagne over secrets into our schedule, amongst other things.

700 CAD


3 hrs

We've got time to unwind, let's pop the champagne and roll around between the sheets with some goodies while we recharge. Charcuterie, fresh fruit, macarons are accepted with an abundance of appreciation.  

1,050 CAD


6 hrs

Feed one of my many desires. A movie, hockey game, nerdy museum date, the opera, a leisurely stroll through the park? The options are endless and only growing with time. Let's talk adventures. 

1600 CAD


14 hrs

Let's paint the town, or stay in, cuddle up and keep each other warm. A lovely dinner for two, massage, bubble bath, game of scrabble? You name it, and I'm likely game. Now, who gets to be little spoon? We'll just have to thumb wrestle it out.

2000 CAD


The possibilities are endless. Let's create magic, in and out of the bedroom. 

24 hours

5000 CAD 


90 min

We're both enjoying ourselves so much, stay a minute longer. A sensual massage or some more playful ideas?

530 CAD


4 hrs

I have a profound love for oysters and french cuisine, if you're looking for a sure way to get my juices flowing, wink, wink. I adore trying new destinations and cultures. What better foreplay then a delicious meal over a lovely bottle of wine while we share intimate life stories and mutual interests. See my Favourites for a list of my most endeared spots. 

1000 CAD

PSA: Due to Covid-19 affecting business, I am only available to very select clients (1 or 2 per week) for in-person rendezvous. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to my pandemic rates for virtual offers, and incentives.

Let's mingle

Hailey Rae is a GFE/PSE based escort. She tours on occasion