Hailey Rae II

Self improvement is an integral part of who I am. I constantly seek to adapt new ways of operating as a companion that ensure we are both having the absolute best time possible both in and out of the bedroom. Hailey Rae II is simply the next stage. It's the next step in a career that has only flourished. I truly love what I do and continue to blossom and grow into a person whom is blessed to share countless memorable moments with amazing individuals. You will forever find me as Hailey Rae - I don't wholeheartedly believe in re-branding. In today's market, business is all about risk, and although some risk is inevitable the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", still applies. For any brand having a loyal customer base is a thing to be treasured. For this and many reasons I simply aim to continue to adapt, improve, learn and provide some of the absolute best companionship that Toronto has to offer. 

Like a fine wine, I simply get better with age. More ambitious, smart, goal-oriented and focused on being the best version of me. I keep a strenuous routine that includes trying to eat healthy most of the time, taking care of my mind, body, skin to it's fullest, fitness typically 4 days per week, kegel exercises. Yes I truly do have probably the tightest and prettiest pussy you'll ever have from what I am told (if not certainly in your top5). I can squeeze on command and lock down on your cock. I do not mean to gloat, but work hard in many ways to be in my best shape.

I'm only getting better

My upcoming rate increase on Jan 1, 2022 simply reflects the level of perfection in which I aim for constantly, the fact that I am face out and the level of upkeep necessary to reflect my brand, keep up with Toronto expenses and look as well as be my absolute best. 

My reassurances to you:

  • I will always be freshly showered and squeaky clean. This is done on my own time before your arrival. 

  • I will always be well rested and attentive to our rendezvous. 

  • I will never look at my phone during our date (with sole exception of security checks which take a matter of seconds). 

  • I will always be reliable and will not cancel on an agreed date unless due to health reasons, school, or an event that is beyond my control. This does not apply to precarious Covid times in which we just dealt with so much adversity. If I cancelled on you during that time, I apologize sincerely. Being reliable is very important to me.

  • I get medically tested regularly and do not tolerate being asked if I am "clean" in the moment. I also will not hesitate to end a rendezvous If you have any suspicious rashs, bumps or sores. 

  • I am always fresh with a manicure and pedicure, as well as being tastefully dressed for the occasion. I take impeccable care of myself. 

  • I change outfits for every rendezvous for hygienic reasons. 

  • I will always provide a safe, and clean location with everything you need to freshen up. Please note, if you like a specific condom, a whole unopened box must be purchased and brought to our rendezvous (by you). 

  • I see a limited amount of individuals to ensure I'm always at my best. 

  • My stats and photos are accurate.