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You came to this page, so I like you already! Please read through a list of frequently asked questions and concerns. Should you be a veteran or simply dipping your toe in, these are fairly standard policies. Thank you so very much in advance for reading, you're a gem!

Etiquette I expect you to be a gentleman in all of our interactions – before, during, and after our time together. I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries that must be respected at all times. If I feel disrespected or my well-being is endangered at any time, I will cancel our date immediately. No refunds. 


How much notice do you require?

As much notice as possible, is appreciated as I also balance another job and personal commitments, although same day dates are available rarely when my schedule allows. Click here to see my schedule it is updated daily. I post last minute cancellations/availability on my Twitter. Please note, I am extremely low volume, I only see one (1) lover on any day that I am posted. I do not prefer to see multiple people per day to be at my best, freshest, and most energetic for all of my dates. 

How long should I book?

Firstly, I am both flattered and honored to spend any small fraction of your valuable time, should it be half hour or 48 hours. I have curated my rates to favor longer dates in order to minimize interactions and develop deeper connections with those I meet, but for those that should be curious, or new or unsure entirely; my absolute favorite dates personally should you be curious are 1.5 hours, 4 hour dinner/play dates, and 14 hour overnights. 1.5 hours allows the perfect amount of time for a lovely introduction and time for more play! Four hour dinner/play dates are fantastic because dinner and drinks can be amazing foreplay and a great way to break the ice or we can work up an appetite in the bedroom and then tag team some delicious food afterwards! Overnights or longer are a fantastic way to just get lost in each other, forget about the time and experience ultimate decadence.

What is your availability like, what time of day do you work?

Flexible! I am generally available anytime 8am-midnight depending on the day. With a little notice, I can accommodate most times of the day. 

Where are you located?

I am available for incalls to me in Toronto, Ontario. Either in an upscale condo near (Bathurst and Lakeshore) or upscale hotels. It depends on the day.

Do you do outcalls?

I can meet you at yours, any upscale hotel or condo building wherever you may be. Please note I do not visit private houses/residences for safety. 

What screening information do you require? 

I do not require any sort of screening or ID in order to meet. I just ask that you kindly reach out via email or text with your name (your real or a fake one) just something I can call you by, age, phone number, email, where you found me/my ad, as well as what date you're interested in meeting and for how long you would like to connect. My contact information can be found hereYour privacy is important to me. I treat your personal information with the same respect and discretion that I would wish mine to be treated. 

Do you require a deposit?

I require a deposit of roughly 25% for all dates. It can be sent via various methods including (gift card and e-transfer). The remainder would be due in cash when we meet. In the event that I need to cancel our date, you will of course be fully refunded.

What if we meet in public?

If we meet in a public setting, please place your donation in a greeting card, book, or gift bag. I keep every card I receive - feel free to share a favorite quote, joke, or something about yourself with me if you are at a loss for something to write.

What if I need to reschedule?

Our booking may be rescheduled one time with a minimum of 72 hours notice. Your deposit will then be applied to the new date. The new date must be booked at the time of cancellation to avoid forfeiting the deposit.

What if I need to cancel? 

Deposits are non-refundable should you have to cancel. Cancellations of less than 72 hours forfeit the deposit. Cancellations of 48 hours require 50% payment. Cancellations of 24 hours or less require full payment. Payment is kindly asked to be sent in the same form as your deposit. 

Are you vaccinated?

Yes. I have been vaxxed double and ready for trouble!


What safety precautions do you take? 

I am a professional and get tested every 6 weeks to ensure my health and yours. 

What can I expect when seeing you?

Expect the unexpected! Kidding! :) And please don't be put off by the bruising on my ass - it's from prolonged bike rides around the city and not from aggressive kink play (or is it???). More concretely, after we've gotten acquainted, please help yourself to a hot shower before we get intimate. I have plenty of fresh towels and hygiene products available for your convenience.  

Will you provide a reference for me after our date? 

I do not provide references strictly. This is non-negotiable. I'm in no way comfortable with making myself responsible for what happens during another companions date.

Are your services guaranteed? 

This is a question that I receive a lot. Please read my service page here to avoid any questions. I do not discuss services before meeting, but will ask you in person which of my services are your favorite, given you are hygienic and treat me nicely. My reviews are all listed here and I am known for offering exceptional service to deserving gentlemen.

Do you offer outfit requests? 

Definitely. I can usually accommodate unless your request is very specific, but let me know what you are thinking once our date is booked and confirmed and we can discuss!


Can I bring you a drink, or a gift, or something?

Although gifts and tips are never expected, they are always well loved and appreciated. I have included some of my favorite things here

420 Friendly?

You bet I am!

Can I extend our date in the moment/last minute?

Unfortunately due to personal commitments, even if I absolutely love our time together I am not able to extend our date in the moment. Booking enough time beforehand is appreciated.

Do you do duos/trios/buddy bookings, couples etc?

While I am flattered, and appreciate that you have thought of me. I do not accommodate duo bookings, couples, or multi-client dates. I am only available to meet individuals 1 on 1.

Do you travel?

Click here for information regarding travel/fly me to you. 

Who are you favorite clients to see? Does my age matter?

I do not discriminate based on anything besides mannerisms and hygiene. I love to meet with playful, yet respectful individuals of all ages. I meet with all different age groups and have spent time with wonderful people ranging from 19-70+ years of age. What is always most important to me when spending time with anyone, is mutual respect. This goes a long way in ensuring my comfortability with you, and I reward that handsomely. 

Can I see you for less than your listed rate? 

My rates are kindly non-negotiable. They are reasonable and are in line with many upscale companions in Toronto. My rates are based on many factors including but not limited to: Hotel rates/incall costs, inflation/toronto economy, demand, being amongst the most well reviewed companions of all time, the list of extensive gfe/pse services that I offer, being a low-volume provider, my amazing body and tight pussy etc. 

Is there anything else I should know?

For overnights/sleepovers, I'm more of a fuck-late-into-the-night than a fuck-all-night kind of gal, and as such, kindly ask for 7 hours of uninterrupted slumber so I can be properly rested for morning mischief. Dates 4 hours or longer require time spent outside of the room going to dinner, as well as intimate time behind closed doors. All costs associated with dinner, activities, travel, etc are kindly asked to be covered by you. I depend on fitness and exercise to keep me sane and to maintain my physique, and will be dragging you out for a daily jog (or any other high intensity cardio of your choosing) if spending more than 24 hours together. Alternatively, I can leave you handcuffed to the bed while I get my endorphin fix, and come back for cardio round 2 in bed. If none of these things interests you very much, please book 2 hours or less thank you kindly. 

I booked a recently offered BOGO or raffle date. Can I claim that now?

If you have prepaid time to claim, please note that I am currently booked for BOGO and raffle dates as I only accept so many per month being low volume and these dates must be pre-booked in advance. My current availability to book these dates is September 2022 and later.