faq (frequently asked questions)

1. What is your screening process (ie References)?

I do not require provider references or personal (government) identification to meet. When you reach out via email/text I will ask for your name/alias, age, phone number, where you found my ad, as well as what date, time, how long you're looking to meet, and what services you're looking for. 

2. What is the best way to contact you?

Please feel free to send me an email or a text with all required information to the specifics listed below. I experience a high number of requests and do not tolerate any rude, or derogatory introductions or language. Priority is given to regulars, longer engagements, those who provide all information (as best they can) and those who are prompt in communication. 

Please note I receive a high number of messages and fake inquiries from disgruntled messagers during my time as Hailey and it can be hard to weed these people out. I apologize in advance if I am quick or to the point in getting information and time etc and booking a date. This is not the case when we meet to have a great time :) 

Email: hailforhailey@gmail.com

Text (only): 289 210 2085

3. What "services" do you provide?

I offer different experiences. Below are the activities that I am most comfortable engaging. These services are included as long as you are respectful and hygienic (shower upon arrival thoroughly). 


LFK/DFK, CBJ/BBBJ, HJ, CIM(Sw)/COB/COT, BLS, DATY, DATO (receiving only), MPOS, cuddling, massage, outfit requests. (MSOG is provided if there is time left).


COF, Sloppy DFK, hair pulling, choking, slapping (face), spitting (in mouth), spanking, dirty talking/name calling, masturbation/voyeurism, FF (face fucking), DT (deep throating), edging, sloppy BBBJ, sloppy BLS, spit play, snowballing, strip tease, toys, restraints(no blindfolds), rimming, MPOS, MSOG, roleplay, nipple play, face sitting/queening, master/slave play... we can talk more debauchery if you have ideas (once our date is booked). 

Not included in any dates

BBFS, digits, greek, GS. 

Please note

Respect, manners and hygiene all go a long way to ensuring we have a lovely time together. Services may only be discussed upon booking and confirming. MSOG is provided, given you are a gentleman and there is time left in our date.

4. Do you do incalls or outcalls?

I offer both incalls and outcalls. I host incalls out of a lovely upscale condo near Richmond and Simcoe (Downtown). Outcalls are available to hotels or condos/apartments only (no private residences/houses).

5. How do I handle the donation?

Please provide the envelope at the beginning of our encounter to ensure a smooth time together. USD is accepted at a 1:1 ratio and all rates are listed in detail on the rates page. The amounts listed are non-negotiable. If we are meeting in a public setting, please have the donation inside a book or a greeting card for discretion. If we are meeting privately, please leave the donation in clear sight upon your arrival to me or my arrival to you. 

6. Do you require a deposit?

I often times decline commitments and shift my personal life in order for us to connect. I also attempt to deter the long list of time wasters who try to book me under new names and info repeatedly.


I now require a small deposit sent via Etransfer (preferred) or anonymous gift card to secure a date. In the rare instance I should cancel it will be sent back to you immediately should we not re-schedule.

7. What if (I) have to cancel my date and have paid a deposit?

A deposit is a deposit and is non-refundable after booked. If you cancel with atleast 48 hours notice the deposit may be used towards a re-scheduled date. Otherwise the deposit is forfeit and a new deposit would be required in order to set a future date. Please note If I (Hailey) have to cancel for whatever reason your deposit will be returned asap or applied to a future date at your discretion.

8. How do I know I can trust you with my deposit?

100+ positive reviews online and 5 years experience. Please note The reason I do not send deposits back (unless I cancel on you) is because of previous suitors booking only with the intention of cancelling, and asking for the deposit they sent back in order to obtain my info and out me to my friends/family. 

9. What is the ettiquette for longer dates/rendezvous?

All travel and dinner costs are kindly asked to be covered by you. Dates 3 hours or longer require some lunch/nibbles/snacks for fuel. As an astoundingly busy fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I need my calories, I normally eat every two hours. Anything charcuterie like (meat, cheese), fruits, veggies are loved and appreciated. Overnights/sleepovers require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  

10. Do you have a cancellation policy?

I understand that life happens but please treat our date as you would any other professional appointment. I kindly expect you to let me know at least 48 hours before the start of our rendezvous. 

If you cancel within less then 48 hours, I will require a 50% cancellation fee transferred to me in order for us to meet in the future. If you cancel with less then 24 hours notice, I will require the full fee. If I am the one who has to cancel with less then 24 hours notice, I would be glad to offer you a discount our next rendezvous. 

11. Can I review you?

YES! Unlike many I am a rare breed in the fact that I adore literature in review form. It is so very thrilling reading about our lovely connections after all is said and done. Memories make the heart grow fond. Do not hesitate to leave me something naughty or nice to peruse at my own leisure, this ensures you're forever on my mind. If you're shy or perhaps intimidated by the online keyboard warriors, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly to relay an anonymous and discreet commendation of our time together. I can add it to my website personally - consider it your own personal stamp on my website. I have 100+ reviews during my time as Hailey Rae. 

12. What are your expectations concerning hygiene and manners?

I host from upscale locations in Toronto in condos or hotels and will always be freshly showered and dressed up for the occasion. You are expected to freshen up and I will always provide toiletries and a shower. Please use all mouthwash and body wash provided and be sure to give yourself a thorough scrub even if you did so before arriving or driving. If you are not hygienic I will ask you to leave if I feel you are disrespecting my time in that way. If you leave feces/defecate on my bed/bedsheets because you are a person who does not clean their bum properly I will ask you to leave. If you disrespect or threaten me emotionally or physically, or call me derogatory names (unless we have consented to dirty talk with name-play) I will ask you to stop first or to leave if you're excessive/aggressive.

*Do not let this intimidate you. This is reserved for the few bad apples that exist. If you are ever not sure what to expect or how to be: read my review section of 100+ good times that have been had or simply ask me questions or share general concerns with me once you have booked and sent your deposit. I am sweet, down to earth and completely open-minded.   

13. What if I am running late?

If you are late unfortunately it will come of your booked time and it will end at our agreed time as the spaces which I use are shared. If however, I happen to be the one running late I am always prepared to ensure you get your fully booked time enjoyed and never rushed. 

14. Can I use you as a reference after we have met?

No, I strictly do not provide references. Do not give my info to other people/providers, Thank-you. 

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