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You came to this page, so I like you already! Please read through a list of frequently asked questions and concerns. Should you be a veteran or simply dipping your toe in, these are fairly standard policies. Please do not take offense to this page, these are gentle guidelines to ensure our time together goes as smooth as possible. Thank you so very much in advance for reading, you're a gem!

Etiquette I expect you to be a gentleman in all of our interactions – before, during, and after our time together. I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries that must be respected at all times. If I feel disrespected or my well-being is endangered at any time, I will cancel our date immediately. No refunds. 


How much notice do you require? 

The more notice, the better. My schedule/availability is listed here. I post last minute cancellations and availability on my Twitter


What safety precautions do you take? 

I am a professional and get tested very regularly to ensure my health and yours. 

Where are you located?

I am available for incalls in discreet and upscale hotels. My schedule is listed here in detail.

Do you do outcalls?

I can meet you at yours, any upscale hotel or condo/apartment building in Toronto or elsewhere. I do not visit private houses/residences. 

What screening information do you require? 

I do not require any sort of screening in order to meet. I just ask that you kindly reach out via email or text with your name (your real or a fake one) just something I can call you by, age, phone number, email, where you found me/my ad, as well as what date you're interested in meeting and for how long you would like to connect. My contact information can be found here

Your privacy is important to me. I treat your personal information with the same respect and discretion that I would wish mine to be treated. 

Do you require a deposit?

I believe that we must both respect and acknowledge the importance of each other’s time. I require a deposit of roughly 25% for all dates. It can be sent by various methods. The remainder would be due in cash when we meet. 

What if I need to reschedule?

Our booking may be rescheduled (one time only) with a minimum of 72 hours notice. A $100 fee is due in order to re-schedule, it can be sent in the same payment method as your deposit. Your deposit will then be applied to a new date. The new date must be booked at the time of cancellation to avoid forfeiting the deposit. If a re-booked date is cancelled, you forfeit the deposit and my full fee is due.

What if I need to cancel? 

Deposits are non-refundable should you have to cancel. Dates cancelled with at least 72 hours notice, incur only a forfeiture of the deposit. If a date is cancelled with less than 72 hours notice my full remaining fee is due. The remaining donation is expected to be sent the same way your deposit was sent. If Hailey should have to cancel, you will receive your full deposit sent back to you within 24-48 hours via the same way it was sent to me.

Will you provide a reference for me after our date? 

I do not provide references strictly. This is non-negotiable. To offer some small insight, this is due to many reasons, but most importantly, that I'm in no way comfortable with making myself responsible for what happens during another companions date.

What can I expect when I see you? 

Upon initially meeting, I typically hang your coat if need be, offer you a big hug and a smooch or smooches, if you would like. I offer you a drink of water and say a lovely hello to make you relaxed, comfortable, and show you I am attentive and happy to be spending time with you. I kindly request that you please leave the donation in plain sight at the beginning of our date, if we are meeting in public please keep discretion in mind and have the donation in a book of your choice or greeting card. This avoids any awkwardness or transactional feelings for you, in me having to ask - paying at the end of a date is not permitted. 


After we've gotten acquainted, please help yourself to a hot shower before we get intimate. I have plenty of hygiene products (mouthwash, body wash) and a fresh towel for your convenience, please do not ignore these facilities. Unfortunately, I do not prefer to offer shower for two, most simply because of my hair, make-up, and other factors. I will always be impeccably fresh for you when we meet. 

Are your services guaranteed? 

This is a question that I receive a lot. Please read my service page here to avoid any questions. 

Do you offer outfit requests? 

Please feel free to include any outfit requests in your inquiry to book a date with me, or I will ask once we are booked and confirmed. While behind closed doors, I will always wear what you like if I can accommodate. When going out in public, I prefer to dress for the occasion/environment, but am always open to classier/timeless suggestions, should there be something that gets your heart racing. 


Can I bring you a drink, or a gift, or something?

Although gifts and tips are never expected, they are always well loved and appreciated. I have included some of my favorite things here

What if I do not confirm our date?

If you fail to confirm at the agreed upon time our date is considered cancelled. Your deposit is then forfeit and my full remaining fee would be due in the same manner your deposit was sent. If you no-show and fail to contact me on the day of our date you will be blacklisted in my contact book. 

Any extended date etiquette I should know?

I request that all dates 4 hours or longer include some aspect of social time out and about along with the intimate.

Furthermore, overnight dates (14 hours) or longer require an uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep. Dates 24 hours or longer require 2 hours of daily private time to handle personal matters. Any extra costs incurred in our date whilst in public such as dinner, uber/taxis, etc are kindly asked to be covered by you. If none of these things interest you very much, then please book less time, thank you. 

Can I extend our date in the moment/last minute?

Unfortunately due to personal commitments, even if I absolutely love our time together I am not able to extend our date in the moment. Booking enough time beforehand is appreciated.

Do you do duos/trios/buddy bookings, couples etc?

While I am flattered, and appreciate that you have thought of me. I do not accommodate duo bookings, couples, or multi-client dates. I am only available to meet individuals 1 on 1.