Please take a moment to read through some of the most frequently asked questions to learn about how to meet me and have the best time together.

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About Me

Q. What do you look like? Can you send me photos of you to make sure you're real?

A. I am in my 20's, about 5'5, very petite with an extremely toned physique. I am known for taking impeccable care of myself from my head down to my pretty manicured toes. I'm currently a brunette with some caramel highlights, and my hair lays just below my shoulders. My eyes are hazel and one of my most complimented features alongside my virgin tight kitty. I'm obviously not a virgin, but you may be happily surprised into thinking I could be.

My unblurred photos are displayed across my website, as well on on my Twitter. I do not send any photos or videos. I have many reviews to ensure you I am a real person as advertised. 

Q. What's your style? Can I request you wear something?

A. My personal style is typically minimal and extremely tasteful make-up and classy, elegant looks for dates. Should you have an outfit request please let me know before we meet. I'm happy to accommodate if possible.

Q. What are your interests? 

A. Fitness, self growth, dance, and travel are merely a few of my biggest passions. Being in the gym is fundamental to my core and has given me the confidence and work ethic that I apply to all aspects of my life. I recently went through a period of intense self reflection. It has been truly rewarding and refreshing to discover myself and what brings me joy, happiness, health and wealth. I'd love to share more of my world with you in person. 

Q. What is your personality like? Will we vibe?

A. I'm told by almost every person that I meet how completely down to earth, relatable, and easy to talk to I can be. I'm very attentive and a great listener. I consider myself to have an excellent sense of humour, a genuinely adventurous spirit, and an extremely open-minded heart.

My ultimate goal is to make our date one of your most memorable and incredible experiences. As your elite companion I always want you to feel like every encounter we spend with one another is like a breath of fresh air. I will provide you the essence of the perfect woman. I am extremely versatile and adapt well to many environments and people from all walks of life. I'm highly experienced with seasoned hobbyists as well as anxious and/or shy first timers. If you're a respectful gentleman we will get along great.

Q. I would love to bring you a gift. What do you like most?

A. Gifts and tips are never expected but are always appreciated. See my favourite things and a soon to come wish list here if you're interested in splurging. 

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Our Date

Q. What do you offer?

A. I' m a professional gfe, pse and travel companion. You can see a detailed list of my available services here.

Q. Do you do duos?

A. No I do not offer duos. I like to meet 1 on 1.

Q. Do you see couples?

A. No I do not see couples, sorry.

Q. What is the best way to prepare for our meeting?

A. Once you have booked and confirmed a rendezvous with me I will ask you your personal preferences in the bedroom, and what I could wear and do to make our date special for you. This let's me know your interests and allows us to start with clear communication. This is essential for a positive time. 

I suggest preparing as you would for a typical date and be well groomed, hygienic, and smelling yummy is always a bonus. Showering and using soap/body wash, and mouth wash is mandatory upon your arrival to me and extremely appreciated. I will always be at my impeccable best for you in return and squeaky clean. Please leave the donation required in plain sight upon our meeting (at mine or yours). If we're meeting in a public setting please have the donation discreetly hidden in a book or greeting card.


Q. What type of clients do you see? 


A. I meet with clients of all race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability, and political views. My only requirements are that you are safe, respectful, and hygienic. I love people and get along well with anyone who treats me with mutual respect. 

Q. Where do you host from? 

A. I host incalls from upscale hotels mainly. 

Q. Can you come to me?

A. I am available to visit your hotel, or condo/apartment only. No private residences/houses. A fee will be incurred based on distance and a bathroom must be available for me to freshen up in  with a towel provided, thank you. 

Q. Are you available for travel to me?

A. I love to travel and would be flattered to visit you within Canada only currently. I have a valid passport and am always ready. More information on these types of dates is to come soon. 

Q. What are your favourite things to do with a client? 

A. My favourite things in the bedroom include but are not limited to: dfk (deep french kissing), touching/fondling (especially neck kisses), daty (having my pussy eaten), dato (having my bum eaten but it's ok if it's not your thing), cuddling, eye contact, sucking cock, chatting/pillow talk. I love a genuine connection and getting to know you. I love to do these with respectful gentlemen.

Q. What are your favourite type of dates? 

A. I've grown fond of the dynamic that can be created during longer rendezvous', and tend to favor them over shorter ones. However, I do understand that is not everyone's preference or within their budget. Therefore, I have included options to suit everyone. This also does not mean that I "do not like" shorter dates or those types of clients at all (fyi). I love spending time with all of my lovely suitors. My preference is towards longer engagements, pse dates, as well as dinner and movie dates that include a social and food component as well as bedroom play. I absolutely adore sharing food, conversation and connection.

Q. What if I am running late? 

A. If you are late unfortunately it will come of your booked time and it will end at our agreed time. If however, I happen to be the one running late I am always prepared to ensure you get your fully booked time enjoyed and never rushed. I am in no way a clock-watcher and want you to enjoy your booked time (booked time only, please kindly do not overstay your welcome). 

Q. Can you give me a reference?

A. No, I strictly do not provide references. Please do not give my info to other people/providers.

Q. Do I really have to confirm?

A. I ask all dates to be confirmed on the day of our rendezvous by (an agreed upon time) via text only to the provided number. This is non-negotiable. If you do not confirm as per requested or you're late, your date is considered cancelled, your deposit forfeit and my cancellation fee would be required. Reputable agencies request this of their clients so please respect my time also. Thank you.

Q. Do you accept reviews?

A. Yes! Feel free to leave me a review on Terb, Ter, or a personal review sent to my email hailforhailey@gmail.com

I've worked hard to establish a reputation as one of Toronto's best reviewed companions and service queens. Read a compilation of merely some of my reviews here. My time as Hailey has resulted in over 160+ reviews across reputable review boards online. 

Q. Can I extend my date in-person?

A. Unfortunately I am not available to extend in the moment. Please make sure to book enough time initially in your request and booking. 

Q. Any other general information I should know?

A. Dates that extend 3 hours or longer require social time, and dinner (ordered in or going out). Dinner is kindly to be covered by you monetarily speaking. Overnight/sleepovers are available with a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Social only dates are strictly platonic in nature and do not include any sexual services.  

Q. Can I take you for dinner or spend time with you for free, like a date?

A. Unfortunately I do not spend un-paid time with anyone as this is my career and my life does not hold the capacity for these types of engagements. Please respect that any time shared will always be transactional to that degree. I will never make it feel as such, or be demanding in any way but this is the bare minimum of our relationship. Thank you for understanding kindly!

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Q. What is your screening process? How do I meet you?

A. I require you to fill out my easy, non-invasive form with your name, email, phone number, and all required information listed there. I have much easier booking requirements than most providers and all I ask is that you fill out my easy form fully with an available date from my calendar. All information provided to me is kept confidential and seen by only me. Once you've sent a request I will typically respond within hours to coordinate a time on your selected date, collect your deposit and confirm our rendezvous. 

You may reach out via text or email but please note I will still re-direct you to my form upon a quick hello, thank you. 

text only: 289 210 2085

Email: hailforhailey@gmail.com

Q. How much notice do you require? Can I meet you today?

A. As you can see from my schedule listed here, my time is spoken for much in advance (typically). I'm a low volume, high impact companion, Toronto's most well reviewed so pre-booking is recommended to ensure we can meet. I make an effort to prioritize regulars and longer engagements. If I receive cancellations and same-day availability pops up, I post them to my Twitter and Terb.cc account. Keep an eye on both daily to see if I'm free before reaching out kindly. 

Q. How much time should I book? I'm unsure.

A. I suggest more time than less as a general rule. Time does fly when you're having fun! My service list is extensive and all services cannot be accomplished in a 1 hour date. I've never had a problem getting a "list" or "menu" from a prospective lover I actually tend to find this rather reassuring for both parties, this is why I ask what you like before we meet (once you've booked). Msog is offered in dates 1 hour or longer, but please be respectful of me, my little body, tight pussy and our time together. I suggest booking 2 hours or more to accomplish that especially where trying to do GFE & PSE is concerned.

Q. I have won a raffle date or booked a bogo date, How do I book?

A. Please reach out to coordinate if you have booked a previously and no longer offered BOGO date or Raffle with Rae date. Pre-booking is required for these dates well in advance as my schedule permits 1 per week only. Please note: my bogo/raffle spaces are fully booked for 2021. January 2022 is my earliest availability.

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Payments & Cancellations

Q. What are your fees? 

A. My fees can be found here. I unfortunately do not offer discounted meetings, please do not ask. 

Q. Do you require a deposit?

A.  All clients are required to provide a small deposit equal to roughly 25% of the total donation in order to secure a date of any length. This can be sent via anonymous gift card or Etransfer (preferred) once we coordinate a time. We are not confirmed for any rendezvous until the deposit is received. 

Q. What If I need to cancel?

A. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Should you need to outright cancel, your deposit would be forfeit. If (I) Hailey Rae in the rare instance should have to cancel on you I will send your deposit back immediately in the same form it was paid. 

Q. What if I need to reschedule?

A. If any booking is cancelled I will require the following fees to be paid on the day of cancellation. There are no exceptions to this or negotiations. Less than 48 hours notice: 50% of the remaining appointment fee. Less than 24 hours notice: 100% of the appointment fee. One reschedule is permitted with at least 48hrs notice. Re-booking must be done at the time of cancellation in order to avoid forfeiting the deposit. If a re-booked date is cancelled, there are no refunds, and full payment applies. If I Hailey should cancel, I will send your deposit back in full via the same way it was sent.

Q. Our date did not go well and I was asked to leave early. Can I get my money back?

A. I have been in this industry for a long time now so quite sadly I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak. If you're asked to leave prematurely due to things like being so unhygienic your feces are on the bed, not listening to me say no, hurting me etc. you will not receive any donation back for lost time. Please do not let this deter you. I am a sweet and nice person, but please remember there are some un-savory characters in this business as well as any other. 

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