gosh, thank you

The greatest gift of all is your presence and connecting with you, but if you would still like to spoil me here are a few of my favourite things. It's always rewarding to have something to remember you by: 


Gift Cards

  • Amazon, Uber, Lululemon, Hammam Spa, Sephora, Honey Birdette.


  • My Starbucks order below. Cold and hot options depending on weather. 

  • Cold: White Cholocolate Mocha Frappuccino -- no whip, extra roast pump

  • Hot: White Chocolate Mocha, extra shot of espresso.

  • Red wine preffered (something on the sweeter side)

  • White wine (pinot grigio)

  • Champagne (Veuve)


  • French food is my absolute favourite, but I enjoy trying new cuisine. I also love Brunch. 

  • I adore oysters, charcuterie boards, mussels, & escargot.

  • I love lamb, duck, steak. 

  • Sweets: I love milk or white chocolate only (no dark), macarons, cheesecake. 


  • Periwinkle blue


  • Lillies

  • Tulips

  • Orchids

  • House plants

  • Arrangement of your choice