Introductory Dates

half hour / $350

1 hour / $600

1.5 hours / $900

2 hours / $1,200

Extended Dates

4 hours / $1,600

6 hours / $2,400

14 hours / $4,000

24 hours / $5,000

48 hours / $6,000

Travel Dates

14 hours / $4,000

24 hours / $5,000

48 hours / $6,000


Click here for more information about travel dates.

Social Dates

half hour / $150

1 hour / $300

Additional hours / $300 

More information about social dates can be found below.


Please note that my rates are not reflective of what my time is worth - it's indubitably worth much less - but rather representative of a multitude of different factors including but not limited to; inflation, demand, being well reviewed, my extensive list of gfe/pse services, being low volume etc. I understand that I am asking for a considerable financial commitment, so you can bet your ass that if you book me for an hour, I will suck your dick like the depraved and debaucherous sex fiend that I am to make sure you get your money's worth.



  • We can enjoy my upscale condo/hotel or I can visit you.

  • All rates listed are in CAD. USD is accepted at 1:1.

  • Click here for more information and FAQ.

  • I have curated my rates to favor longer dates in order to minimize interactions and develop deeper connections with those I meet. My absolute favorite dates personally should you be curious are 1.5 hours, 4 hour dinner/play dates, and 14 hour overnights or longer. 1.5 hours allows the perfect amount of time for a lovely introduction and time for more play! Four hour dinner/play dates are fantastic because dinner and drinks can be amazing foreplay and a great way to break the ice or we can work up an appetite in the bedroom and then tag team some delicious food afterwards! Overnights or longer are a fantastic way to just get lost in each other, forget about the time and experience ultimate decadence.

  • Regarding social dates. I am happy to schedule a coffee break & walk in the park so we can get to know each other and see if there is any chemistry. If you're up for something more, we can go on a bike ride, pack a picnic, or enjoy dinner together. I also love spa dates, wine tastings/pairings, food tours, art galleries & art shows, concerts, sporting events, casinos, and workshops so we can add obscure skills like chocolate making or knife throwing to our resumes.