Due to the current global climate, coupled with some upcoming modifications I have decided to offer some incentives for the time being. Let's help each other, shall we? Please allow me to say how truly thankful I am to anyone who is willing to indulge in these options.

PSA: Due to Covid-19 affecting business, I am only available to select clients for in-person rendezvous. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to my pandemic rates for virtual offers, and incentives if you're uncomfortable meeting in person during this time but would like to connect.  


Book an overnight (12 hours or 15 hours) at regular rate, and receive a second (2nd) date to follow at 50% the original rate. 

Example: Book a 12 hour overnight at $2,000 and receive a second (2nd) overnight at $1,000.


THREE (3 hour dinner dates) - $2,000 CAD (end up getting one for free)

 THREE (4 hour dinner dates) - $2,400 CAD (end up getting one for free)

THREE (12 hour overnights) - $4,000 CAD (end up getting one for free)


Significant donations of $6,000 will be given 6 (12 hour) overnight dates

Significant donations of $12,000 will be given 12 (12 hour) overnight dates


I am currently available and accepting in person rendezvous

A few of my favourite things

Oysters. French cuisine. Escargot. Starbucks. Coffee. Rose gold. Boats 

Architecture. Travelling. Aritzia. Fitness. Fresh flowers (tulips, roses, lilies ou la la. Silk. Tom Ford. Beachy vacations. Overnights spent in each others arms, relentlessly fucking. Luxury cars (take me for a ride). Photography/modeling (want to shoot me? (email directly). Candles. Pearls.     

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