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Meet Hailey Rae | Independent Escort


I'm extremely well-reviewed and highly regarded — Consistently voted amongst Toronto's top companions.


Amaro's Review 

This is a nice one to write. This will be one that I will definitely remember! I found her profile the old fashioned way, Google! She was somewhere up on the list, and her profile instantly intrigued me because she was one Lady in Toronto that seemed to be into some Kink, or as she put it so eloquently: "I have a substantial appetite for perversion", straight from her website. Her Bio section, which is long but well written, continues to discuss her various Submissive ways, Suffice it to say, I was hooked.

Easy to email, paid a deposit via e-transfer.

She arrived on time, I picked her up from my lobby, and went up to the apartment.. she brought a dildo as requested. We popped some wine, got to know each other, and by some point, she was on her knees servicing me with a filthy attitude, still dressed in her pencil skirt, heels, and simple top. I was rough on her, but not too rough, enough to see where her boundaries are... I later found out that I would never reach her boundaries during our short 3 hour meeting!

I cannot give you details play-by-play, because it was quite intense. At some point she was on the ground riding her suction dildo with a mirror behind her as she never broke eye contact while blowing me. I will not go into all the Dom/Sub aspects, but I can tell you that she truly enjoys the filthy. I called her dirty words, threw her around, spanked her, spit in her mouth! I do remember 3 rounds, all in all, which increased in intensity every time. It was a true debauchery of the finest type!

Doggy style was the most enjoyable. Calling her my dirty little slut while slapping her ass was something she enjoyed more than me and REALLY got her riled up! This was a girl that truly enjoyed being filthy. I truly enjoyed it because at the end of it, she gave me high marks, and said that it's enjoyable and super fun with someone whose a respectful and naughty gentleman! What a girl! Truly one I will never forget.



I put in a request for how she dressed and Hailey nailed it as she looked stunning! She arrived on time and gave me a kiss as we locked eyes! She then excused herself and went into the bathroom what came out was a tall girl in lingerie and stockings! She gave me a nice lap dance and then proceeded to DFK. She loves to feel all over your body as she kisses your body. She worked her way down to a sloppy BBBJ which was amazing! She did BLS and DT for a few minutes before I returned the favor. She tastes great and she really enjoys her pussy to be licked. I got her to cum and then we moved on to RCG for a little while. We hit multiple positions and then I released my load. It was an hour well spent! I will definitely see her again.


Haylon's Review 

Hailey arrived in a blank trench coat and she looked stunning. She came in a gave me a nice kiss. She then excused herself and went into the bathroom what came out was a tall girl in lingerie and stockings. It was a sight to behold. We jumped on the bed and made out for a bit and then she proceed to give me an amazing BBBJ. After that I thought i would return the favor and proceed to have her lean back so i can DATY. After that i couldn't wait to be inside her so we got the condom on and i slowly entered her in Mish. We did that for a while as we DFK'd during. We then switched to doggy which was just an amazing view. We did this till i came in the bag totally spent. We cleaned up and proceeded to have a great chat till time was up. She washed up and we kissed goodbye.


D's Review 

Hailey entered my room and she was definitely the girl in her photos. Cute GND type with a brunette hair, a tight spinner body and firm round ass that was begging to be cupped. Friendly and outgoing from the outset. After a brief amount of chit chat we were making out like teenagers. LFK leading to hot DFK. She then excused herself to "freshen up." She came out of the bathroom in sexy lingerie leaving little to the imagination. I had also taken the opportunity to disrobe down to my briefs which she quickly dispensed with.

With me standing and her on her knees, Hailey then proceeded to give me an awesome BB blowjob. Alternating going slow and fast down my shaft while playing with my balls. After a while, I had to stop her as I didn't want to cum just yet.

I helped her out of her bra and panties and I worked my way down to her moist fresh pussy for DATY. She moaned with delight as I licked her. We were both hot and bothered at that point and it was time for the hat. Mish and cowgirl were awesome with her tight pussy but doggy with her tight firm ass in front of me was out of this world and I didn't last long before I exploded. After a break, we talked some more before she started sucking me off again. I was quickly hard again but couldn't get a second shot off. Hailey is a treat. Would definitely hook up with her again when I make it back up to Canada.


Canuck's Review 

At the door there was a nice greeting with kissing. She felt nice in my arms. We went over to the bed where we started to DFK and undress. She was touchy feely while we made out which was nice, then she kissed her way down to my cock. She began a BBBJ and worked it pretty well. Included some deep-throating in the mix with good bls too. I returned the favour and she tasted absolutely amazing. We transitioned to the next part of the action. I got covered up and then she climbed on top of me for some face-to-face CG. She felt good riding me and did it pretty well. I got her on her belly and fucked her from behind while she lay on her stomach. It was a nice feeling at the perfect pace. Steadily I got to the point of reaching my peak and had a satisfying completion inside of her. Hailey delivers a fun experience.


E's Review 

Hailey arrived right on time and when she came into my room we embraced right away and had a nice long DFK session. Then we finally separated and she came into the room. Poured some wine and chatted and LFK some more. She excused herself to the restroom to freshen up and came out in a one piece black lingerie outfit. We got on the bed and soon neither of us had anything on. She began a nice BBBJ while both of us were kneeling then I laid her back for some DATY. I got her to cum pretty hard and then it was my turn. She gave me a fantastic sloppy BBBJ. Finally on went the cover and she got on top. She is very tight! Hailey rode me for awhile then we switched to standing MISH where she came again and then I finally came harder that I had in years. Cleaned up, drank more wine, and chatted. Round two was definitely available but neither of us seemed to want to stop just laying together and talking. She is gorgeous and a keeper. Will repeat every time I am in town!


Gabmart's Review 

After a quick shower i joined her in the bedroom where she was waiting for me on the bed, topless with just her panties and stockings on. I immediately dropped the towel that was around my waist and went for her beautiful little nipples. At one point I asked her to tell me if anything I did was unpleasant for her undesired. She replied basically no digits (fingers) and no greek (anal). After a moment she removed her panties and started to BBBJ with some light deepthroat strokes as i was standing on the side of the bed and she was on all fours in front of me. All I was fixated on was her perfect little butt. I soon turned her over and went for her beautiful shaved pussy kissing it everywhere. After a moment she went again for my dick and we started a 69 and my god from that position I could contemplate the perfect beauty of her little pussy and lick it ever so softly as she asked. That position for me was heaven and we basically stayed like that until for quite sometime as she came twice before I finally came in her mouth and she kept everything. After we stayed on the bed for a few minutes just taking our breaths and complimented her on her skills and beauty. There was still time left but that was it for me. This was the perfect ending. Thank you Hailey. If ever i'm back in Toronto I will come back for more.


S's Review 

Upon entry she greeted me with a hug and kiss. She took my jacket and we started to make out. I asked her to dress in something comfortable and casual so she was in a one piece sleep type lingerie. Hailey is a slow kissing with light tongue. We kissed up against the wall as i ran my hands over her petite body. If you like skinny, slim girls you will like her body. Around 5'4" or so im not sure shes even 100 lbs. Shes slim but you can tell she also works out.

I showered then made my way to the bedroom where she lay on the bed waiting. I hopped on and we kissed more. I worked my way down to her breasts before some daty on her tight and tiny area. After spending some time there it was my turn. I lay on the bed and watched her bbbj and bls. She almost was able to dt. Best part is she looks up a lot while bbbj, a real turn on for me.

It was time to take the plunge. I suited up and she got on top of me. I sometimes would pump and she sometimes would ride. She seemed to enjoy it. We kissed at times as she rode me. I then put her in mish and had at her. She enjoyed this more. When i stood in front of her as she lay on her back she seemed to enjoy the most. After some continued penetration she said it needed a break and so back to bbbj. I stopped her during her bbbj and asked her to tell me something hot and dirty. She looked me in the eyes and asked softly if I would cum in her mouth. She carried on and i did just that. A massive load, i think she swallowed most of it.

We had some time to spare on our 1hr date so she gave me a quick back rub. She's a sweet girl, polite, pleasant, wants to please. Cute, skinny, soft skin. All in all a nice time


Johny's Review 

I welcomed Hailey in my room and she joined me on the bed where she undressed and laid down on the bed in a sexy black thong. Hailey quickly undressed me and before I knew it, she had my cock in her mouth. She knows what she's doing, takes her time, and even asked me where she should focus her energies (shaft, tip, etc.). I didn't want to come too soon, so I asked her for a cover and she jumped on top RCG. I grabbed her perfect breasts from behind which she really liked and watched her ass bounce up and down. We switched to doggie and I spilled my first cup missionary.

She cleaned me up and we talked for a while until I was ready to go again. This time we started leaning over the bench at the foot of the bed, then moved to CG and missionary. She wanted me to come in her mouth, but I couldn't come that time, so again we relaxed and talked. But Hailey is a real trooper. She got me ready to go a third time and we did it CG and missionary again. This time I came like a tsunami and I was spent. I got dressed and headed out after a kiss and a hug.

Hailey is very focused on pleasing her man. She has a great, sparkling personality, a tight body, and a voracious sexual appetite. She's a great kisser as well, tastes great, smells great. All in all, a perfect provider.


Loopy's Review 

She gave me a hug and kiss and invited me to shower. Returned to her on her knees on the bed, and I went in for a very nice kissing session. Perfect amount of tongue and wetness, and I was in heaven. She is a fantastic kisser and he lips are plump and juicy. I love this part of a consultation and she was spot on.

She spent quite a bit of time with verbal, and she again showed her skills. Extremely passionate and rhythmic with the perfect amount of saliva. She would move into different positions to give me a better view or opportunity to touch her in various places, and that was lovely. She moved up so I could dine, which was divine. Fully shaved and perfectly lickable, this was another highlight. She tasted dreamy and she did seem to enjoy and her nectar was amazing. She started with a BBBJ and it was absolutely fabulous.

Onto the final scene and I asked her what she enjoyed. Cowgirl it was, so it was cowgirl we did. Incredible vision and sensation with her body before me. Taught tummy, beautiful breasts, long legs...I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She upped the speed and gyrations incrementally until I could take no more. Thought I may have passed out for a moment, but I stayed lucid enough to recall the fun.

Hailey was very sweet and eager to please. I would absolutely repeat just to experience that body and those lips again. Have fun!

Jimbojones' Review 

I asked Hailey to start stripping for me, and she performed a very sensual strip tease for me. Really enjoyed the feel of her grinding her ass into my crouch, and I soon was rock hard and she could tell. I then asked her to get on her knees and she gave me a great BBBJ, with lots of eye contact and ball sucking. I was in heaven, definitely one of the better oral sessions I had in a long time. I then had to tell her to stop, as I didn't want to blow my load so fast, and she smiled and we went to the bed.

She had a great shaved pussy, and I licked it a few times, and I was ready to go. Then I asked her to get on her back and we did it missionary. Maybe its kinda boring, but its always been my favorite. She put the condom on and spread her legs, and I eagerly got on top and we quickly developed a pretty good pace. She was really enthusiastic and the sight of her moaning and licking her lips while I was pounding away was amazing. I had other plans than cumming on top, so I quickly pulled out and told her to get on her knees and look up at me. I had told her beforehand I wanted COF, so it wasnt a surprise.

I was super close, and a few jerks and I came on her face, and it was incredible. She took it all with a grin, and I was completely drained. She went to go clean up and I just lay back with a smile on my face. We lay together for a few moments, and then my hour was about up, and I started to get dressed. Never felt rushed, and I had a great experience. Overall, a really good time, and I'll definitely recommend her to anyone.


C's Review 

Hailey met me at the door in some sexy lingerie and greeted me with a kiss. We caught up for a bit and proceeded to the bedroom. After I undressed we chatted some more and she began with the kissing. Passionate is an understatement. She went down for some oral and it was all I could do to control myself. I made her stop and flipped her over to reciprocate. If she was acting she deserves an Oscar. After awhile I couldn't take any more and had to be inside her. I was on top for the entire ride and after I finished we chatted some more. She helped me clean up


B's Review 

I had an amazing session with Hailey and my request was quite unique. It was the first time she heard about (fantasy wrestling) but she was invested in knowing what it was all about and that intrigued me more. I was so excited to know that she is willing to accommodate this kind of request. When i met her she was way more beautiful in person than in her pictures, very easy to talk to and i felt at ease the second she arrived. She has an amazing and flawless body.. She executed every move I taught her perfectly and on top of that she had lots of fun too. That was in my opinion a perfect session.. All in all it was a dream session that became a reality and I will definitely book another session with her in the near future.


T's Review 

I met with Hailey recently and she is incredible. Booking was done via email. It was a straightforward process made all the easier by her professionalism (and wit). When I arrived at her incall location (in the downtown core and very easy to reach by car or transit), I was stunned by her beauty. The photos on her website are accurate. She greeted me with a warm embrace and a sensual kiss. It was a great start to a really really fun session (one "really" just doesn't seem like enough). I'm not going to get into the details of our session except to say that she is outstanding and I left feeling completely satisfied. I will definitely see her again (and soon).


Lv's Review 

Sorry, not much of a writer but.....

I have been following her on Twitter for a while, if you are not already following do yourself a favour and follow her. Schedule updates and hot pics - what could be wrong with that?

The pictures are 100% accurate
Hailey has a very tight and toned body. There are some services associated with Hailey I found her to be a passionate GFE (lots of kissing very sensual) with a PSE finish. I think her website gives you more than enough information so I will not add a list in this review. I will say her oral skills are, in my opinion, amazing.

Booking was pretty easy, I completed her online form and she sent me an email. It took a couple of emails to set up a time and get the general location of the incall. After that, I just had to wait till this morning for my appointment.

Hailey had told me the general area of the incall. Once I got parked I sent her a text and got all the information I needed.

Her incall was nice and clean, all the necessary items, fresh sheets, towel, mouthwash, and "manly" body wash were all there - be sure to use they gentlemen it will only help you enjoy your session if you are clean and have fresh breath.

As I said I had a great time and would recommend seeing
Hailey to anyone looking to meet a pretty, young woman who really seems to enjoy both giving and receiving

Ladiesfirst's Review 
Hailey was smooth and easy. My initial PM was met with a quick and pleasant reply. She indicated that her gmail account would be the best way to communicate, and so that's what it was. All the usual info was provided upon request (name, age, phone number, handle and refs if available). After a short wait, plans were made and time and date set. Location was provided the same day of the appointment. Location was dt, convenient loc. Parking was easy to find, but prob because of the holidays.

Hailey is a babe. Her pics are accurate. She's petite, and the description "GND" would be very accurate. I was greeted with sensual kissing. I am convinced she really enjoys it. Her services felt sensual and genuine. I would describe them as bona fide GFE.

I'm going to end the review here - typing on my BlackBerry on this site really bites.

Will I repeat? Yes. Should you try? Yes, and you won't regret it.


Cyber's Review 

Hailey is a very pretty GND. She has a friendly demeanour and put me at easy with her cheerful greeting. We started of with lots of passionate kissing and cuddling. Hailey seems very open and unrestrictive in her service. Her BBBJ technique was so nice that I had to do math in my head to keep myself from going over. When I realized that math wasn't helping I moved on to DATY followed by DATO. We then cycled through several positions and finally settled on slow mish with a COF finish.


Dingwalls Review 

Hailey is very well reviewed and can be best described as a perfect companion. Hailey is very friendly, sexy, and talented far beyond her tender years. With her glasses on and her tight skirt, she seems like an impossibly hot librarian or secretary. To break the ice, Lia offered me and joining me in a glass of wine. Very classy and most appreciated.


J's Review 

Charming, peaceful, elegant and confident we’re my impressions when I opened the door to invite her in and she loved the view from the 42 floor with a downtown lake view combo. After a nice intro at the door, some very nice chit chat and a sip of water, I was “ready”. I found her dark hair, slim, shapely body to be amazing, I was trapped! Slow down, be gentle with the lovely flower was running through my mind. Somehow we managed to move away from the windows onto more comfortable surroundings.

She is wonderful to talk to. Easy to break the ice. She has a responsible yet carefree attitude that I appreciated. Descriptions on the web page to her shape, services and personality were accurate. All the items mentioned on the web page were available and she was clear to nicely mention no digits.
Hailey is a wonderful companion full of life, easy going and fun not to mention super sexy as a legit spinner!

Non-rushed, easy going, sexy, fun and a delight to be with!


​​Blo's Review 

A few months ago, in the midst of the winter blues, I saw Hailey at her incall location. Her incall is in the downtown core, a brisk walk from the subway. It was also just off a street car line, but I like to walk off my pre-date jitters. The building was a nice, although it took me a minute to find the correct entrance. I will admit it was after a night shift so I wasn't firing on all cylinders. Her apartment was nice too, it was clean, spacious, and the bed had enough room to play around on!

Hailey is the definition of a spinner. She was toned, sexy, and had great legs and her ass was even better. Her pictures really do tell the whole story! She likes to show off her body (and her ever growing behind) on her twitter, I definitely recommend following her to get an idea! I had made an outfit request and she obliged! Hailey herself was clean and smelled great. 

I am fond of a good ol' Girlfriend Experience, and the way the session developed felt very natural. Lots of smiling and laughing were had! It was almost like we just got home from a date night. I had no complaints. The session was exactly what I wanted/needed.
Hailey is already well reviewed, but I thought I might as well post to re-iterate that she has not changed her ways! And that is a good thing!!

I thing of note, which I find funny, she had similar facial features to a girl I detested from college. The fact I was able to enjoy the session so much should speak volumes!

Thedollarbill's Review —​
I had a wonderful date with
Hailey. She was cute and genuine. She's extremely fit, she's ain't messing around when she says she goes to the gym. A stroll in the Distillery District and a cute dinner at a French Bistro resulted in great play time at mine afterwards. I had a good time.

LingerieLVR's Review —

I was able to see Hailey yesterday after reading some exceptional reviews. Booking by text was quite easy and directions to nice incall located on the east side of downtown Toronto were very accessible. Parked and buzzed in at location and arrived up stairs to be greeted by a beautiful girl next door, phenomenal body and legs, dressed in a silk robe with nice lingerie, stockings and heels. Exchanged some really great DFK and enjoyed some wine together while I admired her sexy body and charm. She invited me to have a shower, which I did and then joined her in the bedroom where she was laying ready to play. 

Once in the bedroom we lay and DFK for a few more minutes, she is a very good kisser! Down she goes for BBBJ, very sensual and just right, she definitely knows how to get you going. I flip her over for some very tasty DATY that was hard to stop, she gets really into it, lots of moaning, so good. On goes the condom, some lube and we do round 1 missionary.
Hailey is extremely tight, everything about the session so far was amazing!

We take a small break, enjoy some wine in bed, chat, and then back to DFK, BBBJ, round 2 she rides me until I'm ready to explode and then continues with sloppy BBBJ to completion with CIMSW. My time with
Hailey was exceptional to say the least. One of the best SP's I've seen in a while. I'm looking forward to trying different session options with her in future. 

Comullian's Review —

A Real Gem In Hiding. I met Hailey yesterday for an outcall and from the moment I welcomed her in I could easily recognize her as a person with a kind and beautiful soul who is an extremely engaging conversationalist. She was open and warm and talking to her was like catching up with a friend after a long time. She made it that much easier. I am an introvert at heart so it takes some work to make me talk and open up, but she seemed apt for the job.

The booking: I booked with
Hailey directly, and boy oh boy did she have a quick turnaround time for replies. I absolutely loved it. It was such a breeze to book with her. I made sure I gave her all the information she needed and she made sure I got all the information that I needed. On the day, I confirmed with her in the morning and she arrived promptly on time.

The date: We spent some time chatting and getting to know each other and as I mentioned before,
Hailey just made it a breeze. She was open, sharing and engaging.....which is very rare. With regard to the other aspects of the date, all the other reviewers are correct. She loves to give and she really knows to give appreciation. Feeling her next to you while she spoons in during the breaks is the most tantalizing experience ever. Her BBBJ is just out of this world with plenty of DT and the cherry on top was that she was completely open to CIMWS and plenty of eye contact too. It was like fireworks go off in your head. As a kudos to all the other reviewers, she is indeed a queen of DFK.

Other Thoughts:
Hailey is girl who oozes sensuality and harbors such a sharp and inquisitive mind that she will keep you on your toes at all times. It will definitely not be a boring evening if you are meeting her, she will make sure of that. She carries herself with such elegance that she will be leaving you wanting more, much much more. She is a true gem in hiding.

Luton's Review —

Open-Minded Spinner  I've had my eye on Hailey for quite some time when I finally decided to take the plunge. She hosts out of an upscaled place. I arrived and was greeted by a scantily dressed good looking blonde spinner. After a sensuous welcome kiss we sat down for a few minutes getting to know each other. Not only is Hailey very pretty with a great body but she is also an intelligent woman. After my shower I met her in the bedroom where the clothes were rapidly discarded. We engaged in extended DFK before I started to play with her firm b breasts. She has very responsive nipples that I totally enjoyed playing with. Finally I proceeded lower for some delightful DATY. She was very clean and oh, so tasty. There were some more DFK before she turned her attention on me with some delightful BLS and BBBJ before I exploded in her mouth. She happily took every last drop. We then relaxed until it was time for me to go. Thank you Hailey for a wonderful time and I definitely hope to see you again soon. Hailey is a great provider who I would strongly recommend.

Ontario_Drifter's Review —

I had the pleasure of seeing Hailey while she was visiting YYZ a couple of weeks ago. I had booked her independently by e-mailing her directly. It took a couple of tries before our schedules lined up for me to see her but it was very much worth the wait. She's gorgeous, articulate, easy going, and fantastic to be with. I won't go into too many details because my experience mirrors much of what's been said about her already. The things that are most memorable for me was her smile and her kissing. You don't see her smiling too much through the blurring on her photos which is a shame because it really adds to her sex appeal. And did I mention how much I loved kissing that woman? 

I would definitely repeat. It's a shame that she only visits YYZ occasionally.

Amor_KAO's Review —

Amazing and sexy Hailey! I recently had the privilege of meeting with Hailey for the first time and I feel truly lucky and blessed for the wonderful experience that we shared! From the moment she greeted me I felt very at ease with her friendly smile and charming personality. She wore glasses and had on a sexy lingerie outfit. Physically she is beautiful and has a very tight body with long slender legs, lean torso, perfectly shaped breasts, gorgeous butt, and a heavenly pink pussy. Her face is attractive with hazel eyes, dark hair, and she has the quality of being both pretty and cute at the same time. Her skin is also very soft and silky smooth all over. She is a good conversationalist as well, upbeat, open-minded, and fun to just chill and relax with.

I truly felt like I was with a goddess and couldn’t believe my good luck in getting to spend this time with her! I can still hear her soft moans as I was pleasuring her DATY style. She is very alluring like a minx, and she looks so seductive when looking up at you with her sultry eyes begging you to finish COF/CIM. #mindblown 

Needless to say I will be going back to see
Lia for more memories to come! Classy and a true professional, she is a modern day courtesan providing a GFE/PSE experience that would absolutely be a sin to miss out on. I highly recommend seeing this wonderful and young beauty!!

Zhoufree's Review —
I have thought about this review ever since I met Hailey the first time. I don't want the review to be long, dull and boring to read nor do I want to simply list a few acronyms during our dates and call it a day, because Hailey definitely deserves better than that. Instead of referring to her as a third person, I suppose I am going to write down what I want to say as if I am addressing to her directly. And hopefully you guys will learn what you wish from it.

Hailey, we met again this friday and just like last time, I was astonished by your beauty the second I walked into the apartment. You greeted me in a pink sexy lingerie, which suits your skin tone and hair color exceptionally well in my opinion, with an enchanting kiss. The kiss had everything in it: tenderness, passsion and seduction. After the shower, I can't wait to join you in the bedroom wondering what "spell" you would cast on me this time. You probably couldn't tell but my mind was blowing with the sensation I have never felt during my entire life when we were in CG and then we moved to Mish where I had to stop. Your sensuality, passion and playful character simply made me feel super confident and relaxed. I particularly enjoyed your biting on my ears, your breathing and the gentle bites were huge turn-ons for me. Afterwards, you also gave me a fantastic back massage while we exchanged opinions on fews things that's been happening in life. I really cherish the time I have spent with you, on the outside, you have sexy petite body, beautiful face with dazzling eyes; on the inside, you are kind, sensual, energetic and caring. And these are the traits I highly value and appreciate from a companion. All in all, you are the best~ now that I will be away from Toronto for quite a while, I sincerely wish you all the best and you were, are and shall always be a special lady in my life.

For the gents reading this review,
Hailey is simply amazing and please treat her well.

Thepig's Review —

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Hailey. Communication was excellent which is nice to see as I’ve had too many bad experiences as of late. She is extremely petite and has one of the tightest bodies I’ve seen. She is super friendly and easy to connect with and have a great overall experience. As for service I won’t go into too much details but she has one of the tightest and tastiest kitty I’ve experienced, her CG skills are one of the best and can really take a pounding. I’ve seen her a few times already and always a good experience and looking forward to seeing her again in the near future. 

Treat her well boys she’s a great person.

BigJonBates's Review —​
I booked
Hailey after reading a few other reviews of her to and i was not disappointed. She is much more attractive in person than her pictures (as most are) As soon as she turned around i got boner that made me light headed (her ass is incredible). Service included all the usual acronyms. BBBJ was AMAZING, just thinking about it makes me dizzy (She did let me finish with COF).

I will definitely book her again, money more then well spent.

Adrianjenk's Review —

Saw Hailey a few weeks ago. I don't do this often, so it was very pleasant upon seeing her to feel instantly at ease. No anxiety ... just, simply, at ease. She's a lovely girl. Attractive, bright, friendly, well spoken, and yes those gorgeous photos are accurate. I don't feel the compulsion to get into too many details, but let me just say that I had a fantastic time. Still thinking about it. She's incredibly tight - its amazing really, and has beautiful skin. I got overly excited and, uh, didn't take my time quite as much as I would have liked! Next time, next time...

Rfinch's Review —

I saw Hailey last May. I booked an appointment with her based on her photos, and wow are they accurate. Booking time with Hailey was really easy, she was the perfect balance of friendly and professional. Meeting her was even better. She’s a delightfully wonderful young woman. She was very attentive and affectionate, she’s as talented as she is beautiful. We had a spectacular time together.

I absolutely endorse seeing
Hailey if you are at all interested. She’s wonderful.

Maker17882's Review —

I had the opportunity to book Hailey this Friday and what a fantastic lady. We had to alter our meeting time due to weather (the snow started quite quickly last Friday and I could understand the drive problems well), this was not an issue, I was going to ask the same just before I got the text asking if we could meet earlier. In person she is much more attractive than her pictures and her landing strip will provide me with a raging boner just by memory alone (I REALLY like the look). Service wise all previous reviews are more than accurate, oral talent just amazing and her skin is just fantastic - all acronyms from prior reviews provided MORE than fantastically. The ending COF was one of the best I have ever had (when a lady asks me to please cum all over her face that really turns me on, plus - to not comply would be rude and ungentlemanly). I am not sure if she does role play (I would have asked but once I seen her naked my thoughts were, rightly, focused on other matters), with her look and wearing her glasses I can easily make up some librarian/secretary scenarios that just by thinking about same gives me a raging boner (note: all boners driven by memory or thought projection are good boners). I will definitely repeat - I seen her in the airport area, I will definitely book another session (I prefer north of Bloor due to drive/traffic timing but for her I would take an afternoon off to book downtown).

Geyusu's Review —

Hailey Face - 8, Body - 7, Service - 10. I only have positive things to say about Hailey. I booked an appointment with her, for 1 and 30 mins. She made me feel at home, as she gave me wine before we started. I hopped in the shower quickly, because I couldn't wait to get started. We started of with BJs, and then went to doggy, and cowgirl. She rid me so hard, and I had to blow my load in cowgirl position. Before we got started with round 2, she gave me an amazing massage. We then went at it for the second time, and I came on her back. I had an amazing time, I can't wait to see her again. 

PM1985's Review —

Goddamn I love this city. I don't live here anymore so when I come back for visits it doesn't take me long to realize how broke I would be if I still did. There's are so many beautiful providers here and I've decided that I'm going to treat myself to an early Christmas gift and see a different one every day for my weeklong trip. I intend to post reviews each night documenting my seven days of Christmas. First up was Hailey.

It is very easy to see why Hailey comes highly reviewed. Its also very easy to break the ice with her.. she just has a naturally humble, chill vibe. She also has an undeniable range of skills. Hailey is like an artist and I was her canvas. I can be quite particular about what I like, but she knew exactly what to do with each direction I gave her, and did so with confidence and enthusiasm. Hailey is a queen of fellatio and deserves a crown for her achievements today. I am not sure how much detail she would appreciate me going into but let's just say it will be memorable for a time to come. I highly recommend her, and will definitely repeat when I come back in February. For now, day one of seven complete. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode!

Sidenote: she has extremely nice feet for any foot lovers out there.

John21Cruise's Review —

Is my last review but again another wonderful woman I doubt needs another review. After reading so many myself I decided to book some time with her. I came in and after just a few sentences it felt like I was talking to friend. She makes it very easy to get comfortable and immediately I felt right at home. It was a solid 2 hours of laughter and I wish I could go again but I get incredibly nervous after the first round. 

Godfazha's Review —

God Bless you! Oops sorry fellow readers, for a second, I lost focus and thought I was writing an INTIMATE letter to Hailey. When it comes to intimacy, Hailey has this art perfected. Form the moment I walked into the incall, this young beauty made me feel right at home, hanging up my coat, offering me a drink, and carefully directing me to her layer of seduction...or was it suction? Anyways, as I struggle with being focussed on my own needs, she helped me get back on track as she focussed on my needs. As she lay in bed drawing me in with her seductive magnetism, showing me how gifted she is with her stare alone, the way she lay across the bed, animating her lingerie, with an appeal that is rarely rivalled. As we lay in bed with a brief chat about what I'm looking for with a GFE, her attentive listening skills revealed her sensual understanding of how she can best SERVICE me. SERVICE me she did! We both came out the gates strong, and with impeccable timing, falling into a dizzying cascade of DFK. She allowed me to be generous with sensual touching of he neck and her tender area. How this woman can give the feel of lingerie to be softer than a young 20 something woman's skin is beyond me. I usually like to get naked fast, I felt enticed to experience her with the stockings on. Her hip movement and agility stirs the room into a time travelling vortex that rewound me back 20yrs. This woman could rock a chair like none other. As I mentioned 'Suction' earlier...oh boy, better than Porn Hub! Combined with the edging-like stroking, I swear this woman has given driving lessons for standard, although there is nothing standard about this petite cutie. Her strokes are no joke! Very GIFTED in this area, and cumming from a guy who is a veteran in the best spas of GTA. Nano-seconds before my release, my heart pounding, ears ringing, I thought I was about to have an outer body experience. I had to rush to finish off, the intensity was too great. This woman will send you over the top!! The moments afterwards were so tenderly administered by me up, cleaning herself up, laying down next to me as if we are about to embark on another adventure. We spoke to each other softly and affectionately. She took her time with me and listened to every word I could barely gasp out of my mouth. She has a great sense of humour, and appreciates hearing jokes. 

I apologize, if this review seems long winded...
Hailey left me speechless for hrs, and I am still feeling the euphoric buzz, from this edge-like session.

So, in a nutshell, to describe her briefly, seductive, sensual, open, caring, SKILLED, adventurous. 

Book with
Hailey, she will rock your world!

Petemeat's Review —

This review gave me the nudge I needed to see Hailey once again. From quick exchanges/friendly banter to booking time/appointment in minutes. Arrived to find a smiling familiar face dressed in lingerie and her hands and lips all over me. Quick shower, find her waiting for on bed and we got Hump day off to an early start! Hailey is one of the nicest, down to earth ladies in the biz and she hits all my spots acronyms I look for in a SP.

I slept with a smile last night 

Legendspirit's Review —
Hailey is a young individual who is very talkative (in a good way). Very easy going and easy to talk to. Super friendly right off the bat. She has a slender build with a great butt (that you can see on her Twitter account). Her skin was amazingly soft, smooth and all that good stuff. Off to the shower and when I came out she was waiting on the bed in her sexy lingerie. Took things slow where I started with an erotic massage on her and then things spiraled from there (positively). Not going to go into the finer details, but the session was great. Once we finished the main event we continued to talk about all sorts of things for the remainder of the time. 

Repeat: Definitely, from my very limited posting history I've also recommended and mentioned her a few times already as well

Pir2's Review —

I saw Hailey first thing on Friday and had a great time. She is very beautiful all around (twitter pictures are spot on), is really cute facially and has eyes that you can get lost in. The service was top notch. She didn't linger in one position for too long. Particularly, the bbbj was fantastic and she varied it up enough by doing this or that to keep it from ever feeling repetitive. Throughout the session, she constantly made eye contact and bit her lips which I find hot af. I also noticed that she's really good about tying up her hair to give a good view when needed and taking it off to show off her hair otherwise. It's the little things that she seems to have down to a science that made the session so memorable. She brought out her glasses when we were just chatting and I thought they looked great on her. If I had known about them, I'd have loved to see them during the session. Chatting with her is comfortable and she comes off as a genuine, friendly and smart girl. If I had booked a longer session, it would have been nice to start off with a bit of a chat first to get to know her better first, I think it would add to the experience.

Like she said, this was an amazing way to start my weekend. I was walking on a cloud and grinning like an idiot for the rest of the day.

Ets2361's Review —

After my wife passed away last year I started after a while with the strip club scene and did connect with a dancer (in the club only) but after she retired got tired of that scene so decided to take my first taste of the SP scene. I decided to contact Hailey who has been positively reviewed many times. Firstly let me say that I am an older gentleman 55+ and also quite a bit overweight which gave me reservations about an appointment date but in Hailey's responses she always said things to put me at ease and to get over my shyness. She was a pleasure to communicate with by both email and twitter.

I booked directly with her and everything was easy and smooth for my 3 hr afternoon get together. A morning of confirmation text and an arrival text went smoothly to get into her downtown incall space.
I was greeted by a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile and a sweet kiss. We sat on the sofa and talked for a while getting to know each other before a passionate make out session began. A while later I went off to shower (and contrary to a previous review the mouthwash was not of the dollar store variety LOL) headed to the bedroom to be with this wonderful girl. 
Previous reviews have all been accurate as to what she offers and she made me so comfortable especially as it was my first time partaking in the hobby. Her BBBJ was so perfect and then after covering up she rode me to perfection. I did opt to return for more bbbj to finish as she is so perfectly talented at it and left me smiling with my finish. We cuddled and continued to talk about all sorts of things afterwards before I partook in some perfect DATY in which she was so beautifully responsive. She made my first time an afternoon to remember and was so pleasant and personable to deter my shyness and physical limitations. I cannot wait to see her again when I return to town next time.

Thanks for the perfect afternoon which left a huge smile on my face for the rest of the night which ended up confusing all the other players at my game that night. (She will understand that comment).

Newbieguy's Review —

I had the opportunity to see Hailey a few days ago and have to say the experience did not disappoint! I'll add my voice to all the other great reviews for Lia! Booking and communication was easy and the location was nice and very clean! Hailey's very friendly and made me feel at ease, despite a substantial age difference (I'm no spring chicken). I won't go into details except to say everything I was hoping for was on the "menu" and amazing! I loved the eye contact as she was paying attention to my needs. ;-) 

Repeat? Hell yes! Thanks for making me feel like a young man again,

Manji's Review —

Saw Hailey.....Cute face....nice slender body....very friendly and accommodating.....service was GFE with some PSE elements.....MPOS and MSOG was available......

Face: 8.25
Body: 9
Service: 10
Attitude: 10
Repeat: Yes
Recommend: Yes

Dingwall's Review —

Hailey is very well reviewed and my review is late but she can be best described as a perfect companion. Hailey is very friendly, sexy, and talented far beyond her tender years. With her glasses on and her tight skirt, she seems like an impossibly hot librarian or secretary. To break the ice, she offered me and joining me in a glass of wine. Very classy and most appreciated. 


Randel_Ragg's Review —

I met the wonderful Hailey recently on a trip from NY State. I emailed her in advance requesting a 2-hour outcall to my hotel in downtown. She replied very quickly and enthusiastically agreed to the time and date requested. It was my first visit in quite a long while. Based upon the many outstanding reviews I found on her behalf by the members here, I was very excited to have a chance to meet her, needless to say. 

After confirming with her via text on the day of, she arrived at my hotel door at precisely the time agreed upon, to the minute. She was amazingly cute and was wearing a tight, short skirt as I had requested. We exchanged greetings and a some lfk/dfk which led to her removing that skirt, white shirt, and black bra she had underneath. Her pictures, while most appealing to any man with a pulse, did not compare to the real thing. Such gloriously full breasts for a lady of her smaller size with nipples that put the the "p" in puffy.

A brief massage (for me) and I turned over for a quick transition into a superb bbbj. I didn't think I would last as long as I did but I was trying to enjoy the moment. After I held out for as long as I could, I asked if I could finish in her mouth and her pace just quickened. Some dt coupled with those slurpy noises brought me over the top, way over. It was sublime.

After a brief rest, I enjoyed nibbling on those lovely breasts on my way to a mutually enjoyable session of daty. A cover was applied, and we began in missionary which turned into doggie. Again, pictures were no match for seeing that backside in person. Tiny and firm it was truly a sight to behold. The session ended with another bbbj that was thoroughly enjoyed.

Although there was a significant age difference, this did nothing to diminish the time spent.
Hailey was very happy to engage me in conversation that added to the overall feeling and satisfaction of the meeting. She was fun, energetic, and uber-sexy from the first minute to the last. Hailey's visit was the highlight of my trip!


B's review —

I don't venture out in the $500 and up category very often, but there are a few SP's that I have been wanting to see that fall in that price point. Hailey was one of them. I filled out Hailey's website contact form and the reply was quick. She was very friendly in her writing and really appreciative that I had chosen her to see out of the vastness of the Toronto SP jungle. Arrangements were made and a couple days later I knocked on the door. She opens the door dressed in a sexy black skirt (with thigh highs) and tight top, she looked awesome, love her black rimmed glasses. Hailey greets you with a smile, a hug and a big wet kiss...she seems really happy you are there to see her. Beverage was offered and then we moved to the bedroom and sat and chatted on the bed for a bit before I excused myself to the shower. 

Hailey is a highly skilled companion. We did not talk about dos and don'ts or specific acronyms, the session just flowed so naturally. DFK was passionate and abundant. Daty was awesome, DATO even better...Hailey has a perfect ass and had no problem arching it up and offering it to me for my oral delight. Her BBBJ is fantastic! Wet, no hands, deep, BLS, varying methods, kissing it, licking it sucking it. She only stopped once to say....let me know if you want to move on because I will stay down here the whole time We did eventually move on, cowgirl and missionary. Hailey gets into FS, yet is not theatrical in her expressions and verbalization, her participation was genuine. Overall, just a fantastic hour with a sexy, friendly, well spoken young woman. I would repeat and recommend. Met with some friends from out of town....did a pub crawl all afternoon and then the U2 show at the dome. Yes, it was A Beautiful Day!

Fezzik's Review —

Do I wish I had loads of time and money to drop on all the beautiful SPs I see advertising in the indie section? Of course! But alas, that won't be me. I typically research for months before making a decision and even then a planned meet can be upended by a rogue phone call (see: lifestyle). 

That said, I planned a meeting with
after my usual thorough research and we had a plan. Then I realized that the location was a bit too low on my 'discretion' level and we nixed. This brings me to today. New location. New time. Worked perfect and I can't (and won't) complain. She was petite, bubbly, friendly and accommodating. We chatted, we did other things, and hopefully 'we' enjoyed ourselves (I know I did). Rules and regulations were determined up front for no surprises, and I relished every minute (minus the oil bottle dumping - D'oh!). Smiles were exchanged, and we parted ways. Would I revisit? Yes. Can I? Who knows... by the time the stars align for another tryst it might be months from now or longer, and this industry is constantly changing, so I'll keep my memories and hope for the best.

That's my review. I don't get into details. I don't delve into specifics. Even if something is offered online, I always approach every visit with a YMMV attitude - hoping that if I'm nice, groomed, respectful and hopefully attractive enough (to them), I'll enjoy my time. I was, and I did. 'nuff said.

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