As you can see I more or less have open availability. I do not sit around my incall. I am at home, fulfilling other commitments, and often times not fully prepared for last minute dates. Please book in advance with as much notice as possible. Twenty four (24) hours notice or more gets you bonus points aka kisses, but I understand and empathize that this is unrealistic for some. Therefore, last minute rendezvous' may sometimes be available with a few hours notice. Rendezvous' on Saturday's must be booked in advance otherwise the planner in me tends towards other commitments. Sunday's are personal days off dedicated solely to the pursuit of self discovery. I spend this time indulging in all delights of self care, reading, brushing up on my French, and spending time with my two fur babies. I may be lured out of my oasis on Sunday's for dinner dates, overnights or outcalls to your condo/hotel. 

Please note I am available Worldwide by request.

Please note Due to an upcoming breast augmentation in July 2020, I will be unavailable for an undetermined amount of time. Book a rendezvous asap to ensure we can connect before you miss me, or do not want to see my enlarged boobies. Your call :)

"Other Thoughts: Hailey is girl who oozes sensuality and harbors such a sharp and inquisitive mind that she will keep you on your toes at all times. It will definitely not be a boring evening if you are meeting her, she will make sure of that. She carries herself with such elegance that she will be leaving you wanting more, much much more. She is a true gem in hiding." member


I am currently available and accepting in person rendezvous

A few of my favourite things

Oysters. French cuisine. Escargot. Starbucks. Coffee. Rose gold. Boats 

Architecture. Travelling. Aritzia. Fitness. Fresh flowers (tulips, roses, lilies ou la la. Silk. Tom Ford. Beachy vacations. Overnights spent in each others arms, relentlessly fucking. Luxury cars (take me for a ride). Photography/modeling (want to shoot me? (email directly). Candles. Pearls.     

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