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gosh, thank you

Spoil me, and i'll be sure to spoil you  — wink, wink

Gifts are not expected but always welcomed. Your presence is all I need to be happy; however it never hurts to have a little something to remember you by. If you’re anything like me, putting a smile on someone’s face via the act of gifting is a reward within itself. Bringing along a special little something to show your appreciation for me, is always matched with a great deal of appreciation and reciprocation in return. I love knowing that my lover took some time outside of our date to make me happy. The best way to a girl’s heart you may ask? An e-giftcard never fails to put a smile on my face! I enjoy the occasional spa day and personal luxuries (Honey Birdette, CB2Aritzia, Lululemon, Sephora) as well as more practical contributions (Uber, Starbucks, PetSmartAir Canada). For those looking to make a lasting impression, an item off my wishlist at will certainly do the trick or if you wish to bring something to our date, I deeply enjoy receiving: flowers (roses, peonies, orchids, an arrangement of your choice), pretty plants (that enjoy shade), coffee-table books, vintage Playboy's (for my new collection), your favourite books, any vintage (champagne, red, white wine), cannoli's, cheesecake, and gelato (are my favourite desserts), Tom Ford's (black orchid) is my signature scent, and I am currently in the market for a record player, because I adore Jazz.


Please note: Giftcards can be sent virtually to ( or given in person.

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